Healthy Berlin

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m finally sharing my top Berlin tips with you! What I ate, what I saw, where I slept and what you should try too. As because I’m a fitness and food blogger I guess it’s quite obvious that those tips are rather healthy ones! 😉 Or well, at least most of them are. I’m an advocate for a healthy lifestyle but in my opinion healthy means balanced which again means treating yourself when there’s a reason. Anyways – here come my top tips for Berlin!

Sleeping: Arcotel

This must be my absolute favourite hotel chain in the world. Every single Arcotel hotel has cute little details that have something to do with that city. This time I stayed at the John F. Berlin hotel in which every room has a rocking chair which John F. Kennedy used to have because of his back problems. And all the lamps in the hotel were designed to look like his wife Jacqueline’s dress. But what was even better – the breakfast buffet! Dreamy! From Bircher muesli to bread roll variations, from fresh exotic fruit to scrambled eggs or vegan salad creations. One of the best breakfast buffets I’ve ever had for sure!





Breakfast: Spreegold

Ok, so if you didn’t have the chance to stay at the Arcotel, then you should definitely go to Spreegold to have breakfast. It’s located right at Alexanderplatz and there you can get the best pancakes in the world (even better than mine, hehe). You have to order the filter coffee which you can refill 6920171 times, then the Canadian pancakes with fried bananas and bacon (which might sound weird but I promise it’s a taste explosion!) and if you still have some space in your tummy, then have the oatmeal with fruit and granola too. I think they cook it in coconut milk and it’s soooo mouthwatering and creamy! Off the record, I had all that. On the same morning.



Lunch: The Bowl

Since the Instagram era everyone knows the following hip dishes: chia pudding, matcha tea, sweet potato fries, Buddha bowl, raw cakes etc etc. During my Berlin weekend I visited the bowl twice and ate my way through the menu! I can definitely recommend the savoury bowls and the iced coffee with coconut milk. Yum!




Dinner: Turkish

This here is the not so healthy tip but it will definitely warm your hearts. At least it warned my heart. And made me smile. And so much more. Because Turkish food is a MUST when you’re in Berlin (much more so than Currywurst!). Nowhere in the world you will find more Turks than in Berlin (well, maybe in turkey? :D) and if there’s something the Turks can do, then it’s cooking. My friend Angie took me to a restaurant in Warschauer Straße but there are little Turkish places everywhere. My absolute recommendation: anything with falafels! Either a veggie platter with falafels and hummus or a falafel wrap. Promise me to never visit Berlin without having Turkish food pretty please! And as I said – this might not be the healthiest tip but it’s definitely worth all the deep frying.


Oh and one last thing: even though it says breakfast to dinner I of course didn’t have all these courses on one day! 😉

Have you been to Berlin and did you try places that I haven’t been to yet? I’m definitely going there again so please let me know in the comments!



  1. Jana du Plessis
    21/05/2016 / 12:00

    Hi Lottie! I haven’t been following you on social media for too long (but that poses the question as to how I have not discovered you earlier..), but the moment I did find your Instagram, blog and Snapchat I looved it. I can relate to you with regards to healthy living, food and fitness on so many levels!! I am travelling to Europe in July to immerse myself in the European food culture and try to learn as much as I can during my time there. I have a huge passion for food and health and would love to be contact with bloggers while I am there. Is there perhaps any chance you would be travelling to Berlin again during that time? It would be amazing if I could meet you to learn and share health, food and fitness things:) Warm regards, from sunny South Africa.

  2. 25/04/2016 / 12:53

    The Bowl on maailman maukkain mesta <3 Berliini on niin unelmien kohde terveelliseen mättämiseen jos tietää mihin menee! Kiitos siispä hyvistä lisävinkeistä:)