Half-marathon, here I come!

Good evening lovelies.

It’s the night before my half marathon and I’m laying in bed. I’m listening to the “Evening Acoustic” playlist on Spotify and lit three candles so I can fully relax. And I’m going to sleep really soon. But first (as promised!) I am going to tell you about my preparation before my half marathon!

Months and weeks before
As I already told you, I never planned to run this half marathon and didn’t really train for it. But I’ve been running so much and so long distances that I spontaneously signed up! Most half marathon training schedules say that you should run from 8-12, maximum 15k before. You only have to manage the 20k once, so it’s not obligatory, not even recommended, to try before. I’ve been running those exact distances, so I should be ready.

1 week before
So what about the days before the big day? I went jogging for the last time on Monday. Partly due to a lack of time, but then again it was good too. You shouldn’t go to your limits the week before, which means don’t run too fast or too far! Same counts for strength training. I only did some functional training on Wednesday, so I’m fine. Oh, and during the last week you can stock up your carbs to start reserving energy for the run. Which is good as I like my bread and potatoes.. :)

2 days before
The call for relaxing, yay! Especially because of my continuing upper back pain I heated up the sauna on thursday and then went to bed watching silly TV shows. Now it’s time to save your strength and I really did enjoy this!

1 day before
Carbs, carbs, carbs! Pancakes for breakfast, potato mash for lunch and three slices of bread, banana ice cream and oats for dinner. Everything easy to digest but fuuuuull of carbohydrates. Those are really important, because I have to gather strength for tomorrows 21k. That strength comes from carbs, that will be stored in your muscles and used during the final kilometres. Oh and I really needed a dinner that big, because I went to gym for 1,5 hours today. Oopsie, I know you shouldn’t train hard before a big run? But it just felt too good and I couldn’t hold myself back. And I only did easy whole body training which shouldn’t have been too hard. Plus, I stretched big time afterwards and I hate stretching!

After that I went to sauna for another 1,5 hours and really relaxed properly! I had chosen what to wear tomorrow (old long-sleeve, new super comfy Onzie leggings and favourite Nikes) packed my bag for tomorrow already (running outfit, shoes for afterwards, snacks, drink) and charged my M400 running watch, and can now enjoy the evening. Since dinner I’ve been drinking on a 1,5 litre mineral water bottle to start hydrating for tomorrow, which will be continued as soon as I wake up.

Now it’s just after ten and I’ve been in bed for half an hour already. After publishing this post I’m gonna sleep and I know I really need the rest!

But to sum it all up: Prepare as well as you can, eat and relax as well as you can and don’t exercise too much before the run. Make yourself a nice evening before, do some stretching and remember to pack your bag in time. Choose clothes and (especially!) shoes that you know and like. I think the knowledge of being prepared is what is most important (no idea of that stretching really helped my muscles, but it helped my mind!) and what matters most. Don’t experiment with workouts or food, so you won’t feel bad or ill on your big day. That’s all the advice I can give.

So I wish you all a good night now!
Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!