Ideas for a Girls’ Night In

Every now and then I need some time to take my thoughts off work and life in general. I am always most effective and especially most creative when I’m relaxed and have had a good time. That’s when I’m most eager to work and get my best ideas. And for me the best way to tune off is to spend a girls’ night with my sister Lili. Snuggling up, eating something yummy and rolling off the couch laughing is what keeps me sane on busier days! Especially now before my move these evenings together are really precious to me and we try to make the best of them. So here come my tips for an ultimately relaxing girls’ night!

chocolate fondeu flatlay1. Coziness

The moment I put my PJ’s on, I know it’s time to relax. Snuggle up in a comfy outfit, bring your duvet to the couch and light some candles.It’s no secret now that I’m a scented candle addict, and the smell of vanilla instantly makes me feel so cozy!

2. Chocolate Fondue

One of my girls night favourites is cooking together, and if Lili and I really want to treat ourselves, we make chocolate fondue – preferably using both milk and white chocolate! We always melt the chocolate in a bowl above boiling water. Then chop up some fruit, dip it and enjoy! Additionally to chocolate fondue we usually make some savoury snacks as well, such as garlic baguette, veggie sticks and hummus.

fruit flatlay

2. Movie or TV show

Currently I’m a big fan of my guilty-pleasure-TV-shows, such as Bachelorette, Topmodel or Love Island. There’s nothing better to switch your brains off than rolling on the couch laughing about the cringy moments on reality TV! And chick flicks always work, as well as a musical to sing along. Every few months we will also have Harry Potter nights and watch the films again. Please leave your favourite girls’ night movies in the comments below, we’re always on the search for new fun films to watch!

black facemask

3. Baking

Alternatively to fondue, we like to bake. Brownies, apple crumble, cake, waffles – anything that will later be devoured whilst watching one of the movies. It’s even more fun when we go shopping together at first, planning what baking masterpiece we will create later. And is there anything more cozy than the smell of a cake in your oven?

4. Face Masks

They’re good for deeply cleansing your skin, but especially they’re so much fun, right? And very selfie-worthy too. 😉 Lili and I are currently obsessed with Maybeauty’s “Incredible Face Masks”. You spread the black mixture onto your face and let it dry. It then hardens and you can just peel it off as one. Best (or grossest) about the mask is that you can literally see stuff clinging to it when you peel it off (blackheads, ugh!). As gross as it is, I feel like that’s a sign for its effectiveness. The pulling-off hurt, but after the use my skin felt so clean and I feel like my pores looked smaller too!

maybeauty2girls night

If you want to try these super popular masks (Instagram is full of them at the moment, that’s how good they are!), you can click here for 30% off!

5. More ideas

Board games (I love Cluedo!), manicures and pedicures, cooking, Disney films, taking selfies (like those below!)… these are things we like to do on Lottie+Lili nights too. Crazy, cozy nights like this are what keeps me sane, when life and work get a bit more hectic. Do you do girls nights and what’s your most fun thing to do? Let me know in the comments below!

maybeauty facemask

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