Five Lists You Should Be Making Right Now

Making lists is a fantastic tool to sort your life out. I make lists every day – to-do-lists mostly, which help me reach my daily goal and be as productive as I can be (it’s so satisfying to tick off tasks!). But lists can help your self-esteem and mood too. You don’t have to write them down, just do this little exercise in your mind. It can make you appreciate things more, I promise! 

Here are five lists that I think you should take a few minutes to think about right now!

she lives her dream What You’re Grateful For – It’s quite easy to forget about the good things we have in life. But there are so many amazing things around to make us happy! My answer: Sunshine and 20°C for the first time. Working in the garden. Being able to do my favourite things every day and do my hobby for a living. My lovely sister, waiting for me to come home. An amazing grandpa that I can visit (that’s where I am right now). London in less than a month! My new favourite skirt. Hot chocolate. The things don’t have to be big, just look around and smile at the beauty around you! 

Things You Like About Yourself – This is a list for every day and one you should read aloud. Think of at least three things you like about your personality and three things you like about the way you look. I know this is a hard one, and it’s hard to admit you’re good the way you are – but you are. I personally like my bubbly, happy personality, my ideas and ambitions, and also my hair length, my nose and that I’ve finally found a very good style of fashion for my body type. I also like the fact that I’m not at all ashamed of my height anymore, but fully embrace it!

more positivity  What You’re Proud Of – We’re very good at putting ourselves down but not so great at praising ourselves. What have you done recently that you’re proud of? I am proud of: making my grandpa happy by spending time with him. Running 60km last week. My new Instagram @lottiedreams (I’m obsessed with my new way of editing!). Today’s outfit, which I find very pretty (red and white striped crop top with a blue skirt). Starting my blog in Finnish (here)! 

Happy Things That Have Happened This Year – Write down all the parts of your year that have made you smile and keep adding to it as the months go by, this way if anything bad happens you won’t let it consume your entire year as you’ll see that it’s just one negative point in a sea of happy! My answer: Finally making my dream of solo-travelling around South-East Asia true. Vlogging a lot and getting amazing response on my YouTube videos. Signing up for a graphic design course in London. Spending a lot of time with my sister. Running a 10k race in 55mins. Being interviewed for a countrywide newspaper. 

positivity listsfinnish blog

What You Want – Write down your dreams, your hopes, your goals and everything you want from life. This list helps to motivate you and understand which of your dreams you prioritise the most. I want to: Build my own social media consulting business. Post more on my three Instagram accounts @shelivesherdream, @lottiedreams and @veryberryboost. Post more empowering blogposts and make sure they all fit with my motto. Run or work out more often. Study graphic design in London. Make money and travel. And right now: get this blogpost written so I can lie in the garden and read my book.

I hope that you went through this blogpost writing your own lists in your mind. I promise, they will make you feel good about yourself and motivated to create more positive things in your life! (and if you’re brave enough, I would love you to share the lists below!)



  1. Marlena
    01/07/2017 / 12:03

    How right you are, you encourages me to Write my Lists again!! I did it for a few weeks but somehow lost it🙁
    I will Start my list of what i want to reach in life now and i guess one of the first things beside beinhg Healthy in body and mind, is to move to norway at least for a few months!! For me Norway is kinda like london to you i guess☺😌 Lovely blogpost!

  2. Bernarda
    30/06/2017 / 13:22

    This was so motivational! honestly I don’t do lists anymore…only for grocery shopping 😂 I tried writing every day what I am grateful for but somehow I forget 😅 bit sometimes I write my thoughts. You know how I feel. Or what is bothering me. And it really helps to let go. From all negativity. And people who are not worth your time. And things which don’t have to stress you. And I wrote down my dreams and things I want to achieve. This is the best list ever. It gives me motivation to go and fight! IF YOUR DREAMS DON’T SCARE YOU THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH 😉