Finding your routine

One of the most common questions that I get is what my workout routine looks like and what kind of training plan I follow. There was a very long time during which I couldn’t even answer this question – I didn’t have one! Which is weird because today it’s so important for me to have my own thing, my own routine that I follow. This way it’ll never again happen that I’m at gym and end up chewing my fingernails because I don’t know what to do (not literally though 😉 ). But it definitely used to happen that I stood around all confused and annoyed my boyfriend with questions like what to train and if he had ideas. So here comes my tip: Find a kind of sport that you really like (or two) and stay with it. That’s the golden ticket to a fit life and ongoing motivation. The search for it may take some time but you should keep your eyes open and stay open for everything. Maybe it’s a Zumba-lesson with cool music or maybe you’ll love to sweat yourself to bits during a super hard crossfit class (I love both). I myself have tried a lot of courses and different workout types until I found my thing. And I still enjoy trying out new classes from time to time and falling in love all over again.




Right now I’m stuck with strength training. But even strength training isn’t always the same! By now I really know that. 1,5 years ago I started off with a very professional workout – I worked my way through the gym, from the front door to the end and called it “full body workout”. If you go to gym once or twice a week that might make sense. But nowadays I’m glad to be stuck with split training. Depending on how often you go to gym, it makes sense to split up your body in groups to make the best of your workouts. In the beginning the signs on the exercise machines are really helpful.

But at the gym you don’t only have to use the machines. I also like to use the free weights (as a tiny woman at 1,55 you just have to be brave enough to face all the bodybuilders there, but it’s worth it!) and for the last few weeks I’ve also been using barbells! And then there’s also the workouts without any epquipment. I love doing functional training in summer because I really feel like it shapes my body a lot (perfect for the bikini season!). But what I want to tell you –  there are endless opportunities to train and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you too!


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I can’t and don’t want to give you an excercise plan because I feel like that’s something really individual. Everyone should find something, what he really enjoys because that’s the key to sticking with it. It should be something that you can develop at, because growth and process are super motivationg (that’s why only Zumba would never be enough for me). And you have to be fair to yourself. I for example wanted to start swimming for ages – it really tightens your body and burns a lot of energy and I love the arm shape of regular swimmers… but I have to be honest. It isn’t my thing. I tried it several times and got extremely ored. Oh well. I don’t want to push myself to do something I don’t like and I know that it wouldn’t be long until I stopped doing it, so I will never be a swimmer.

One last tip on finding your routine: take some time on Sunday evenings and plan your workout routine for the follwing week. That’s what I do as I feel that it really helps me to mentally prepare to try out something new. I check out what courses my gym offers or rip out training plans out of magazines and write the upcoming training sessions into my calendar – now there’s no way back!


 Pictures by Stefan Lindauer

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    Your fitness program seems to be working, you look great!