Engelhorn blogger-bootcamp

“Thirty seconds left, come on, you can do it, you’re doing it only for you, give your best, come ooooon!”

I sweat, my legs hurt. The photographer keeps jumping up and down in front of me and takes one photo after the other. I barely don’t even want to know what they will look like – tomato face, here I am! But with all this motivation spinning around me I can’t and won’t stop! In front of me are several of my fitness blogger idols and around me 125 women, sweating and panting along with me. Laughing I continue squatting and then count down together with all the other girls: three – two – one – DONE!

What a day! Three super hard workouts, one super long yoga lesson (well, you know what I think about yoga 😉 ), one nutrition coaching, a hundred amazing talks and a thousand laughs, all in one day. I can only thank Engelhorn for their invitation. It was “only” a bootcamp, but yet I learned so much through all the inspiring talks with my fitnessblogger girls! About sports, about blogging, about life!

We ended the day with big pizzas for us blogger girls. And we definitely deserved them – my sports watch counted 1000 burned calories during the workouts! And today my butt definitely hurts…



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