Darkness = Workout time

Good morning!
It’s November – and for many people it means darkness, dampness, greyness and all that concludes in displeasure and missing motivation. For me it’s the exact opposite, because I decided to use the darkness as a possibility – and that’s what I did!

I love sunshine and wish I could always be outside when the sun is shining and absorb aaaaall the sunrays. That’s why I love sitting outside in summer and can barely ever motivate me to go to gym, because I would miss the sunshine. But now that it’s dark, I finally manage to do things that have to be done inside! I just think “it’s dark anyways, so I can go to gym too!”

And do you want to know what’s best about it? After you’ve been to gym a few times, it will feel better and more fun every time! I pack my bag in the mornings, take it to uni with me and look forward to my workout the whole day. And since I’ve been doing that, I don’t mind the darkness at all! Darkness = workout time = fun.

And I’m really doing the best of the situation. I’m trying so many new things: crossfit, body pump, new gym equipment. I’ve fallen in love with Fustra. Does your gym have classes, that you have always wanted to try out? Then see the darkness as your chance to try them now! Now you have time, as you won’t go out anyways! And if you don’t like gyms, don’t push yourself. Then do yoga at home, go dancing or swimming. But most important is that you use the darkness and turn it into something good!

Lots of love,



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  1. Marlena
    19/12/2016 / 14:02

    Could you do a blogpost about the darkness in Finnland or about how it affects you or other People you Know to live somewhere where it gets dark so early 🙈
    I try to change things and work out in the evening due having school until 5 or so sometimes 🙄