Christmas Spirit

A beautiful first of December everyone!

I truly believe in treating yourself first. Only if you’re doing well and are feeling happy and satisfied, you will be able to share that love with others. Only when I’m relaxed, I’m productive. Only when I enjoy the little things, I enjoy life. That had to be said as a little foreword to all the upcoming Christmas blogposts. Christmas makes me happy. Actually, Christmas makes me so happy that my heart is about to burst when I only think about it!

As mentioned in my first christmassy recipe post already, I’m a little elf myself. And that’s one of the reasons why I have planned to do something amazing this year. I’m sure it will be a bit stressful as well, but that’s part of Christmas, right? Herewith I’d love to welcome you to Lottie’s #Blogmas! #Blogmas means that there will be blogposts every single day until Christmas… and even better! There will presents for you too! Every single day!

But back to the topic about treating yourself and Christmas spirit. For me these two things go hand in hand. Christmas Spirit = Happiness = I feel good. And I really hope that some of you will get inspired by this post, as I’m about to share my very first and easiest Christmas Spirit tips!

JoulukirjaChristmas Books
During the Christmas time I love reading books, that evolve around Christmas too. As said already, I will do anything to put myself in the Christmas spirit. I absolutely loved Skipping Christmas by John Grisham last year, and as a child I always used to read the second Narnia book during winter. And this year I have completely fallen in love with planning Christmassy dishes by going through my current favourite cookbook, Joulukirja (“Christmas Book”) by my fellow blogger colleague Virpi Mikkonen. But more about that later!

Christmas Decoration and Candles
My parents are moving this weekend so I wasn’t allowed to decorate yet! Sigh! But next week I’ll get to do it and I can’t wait. It just makes me so happy!

MumintassenChristmas Pottery
You guys will know, that I absolutely adore moomin mugs. And that I collect them. And crazy me did something absolutely silly last weekend: I bough four Christmas moomin mugs off a young mother. They were crazy expensive (they are collector pieces from several years ago) but I lovelovelove them! Every morning my Christmas spirit will be awakened when I pour my coffee into one of these mugs with the snow, the little presents and the little elf on them!

Christmas Music
This year I started listening to Christmas music super early (end of October, oops!). Wether it is when I’m at home, cleaning, through my earphones while running or when baking with my sister, Christmas music is just the best! And I have the best tip for you! In Finland we have this Christmas radio channel, which can be found online as well. And they have an international channel with only english songs! Check it out, you can find it here and the little purple button says Xmas!


Christmas Cards
I am super traditional and write Christmas Cards every single day. I love getting them (who doesn’t!) but I love writing them as well. I enjoy sharing the love, I enjoy surprising other people and making them happy and yes, again, it does bring you into the Christmas mood. And let’s get to the point! For today’s Christmas calendar, I will be drawing five of you to get Christmas cards frome me! Nothing that special, I know, but yet they do come from my heart and I dearly hope that you will enjoy them! You just have to comment what you’d love to see and read on here during #Blogmas and you’re in!

One last thing. I will be honest and confess that due to all the (Christmas) stress during the last few weeks I just didn’t manage to fully organise my Christmas Calendar yet, and I’m so sorry about that! I’m such a mess right now! But I hope that during the Christmas time I, too, will have the chance to sit down with a cup of tea and wind down. Yet I hope that you will enjoy the thought behind the Christmas cards just as much as the real presents you will have the chance to win, and so I’d be super happy about your #Blogmas ideas, Christmas spirit tips and maybe even some Christmas reading tips? I do need some inspiration!

It was so hard to choose winners, all of you are so amazing! But now the Christmas cards go to the following lucky winners: Eleanor B., Marlena M., Meri K., Nina M., Lafrederique, Sara, Conny, Kurhexe. A few more than five, but I just couldn’t decide!

Please email me your address and you’ll get your Christmas card soon! Everyone else, remember that there are 23 more presents (maybe even more cards?) to come! So I’d love you to take part again, maybe you’re lucky next time!



  1. Eleonore Buffet
    04/12/2016 / 17:01

    I looove this bolgmassness its such a lovely idea and after school getting to read these just brings back the festive cheer and makes me all excited and happy even when im super tired. Also ich weiss du kochst an sich mehr aber ich habe nach gedacht und da wir alle wissen that you are super creative and artistic I’d love to see you doing a different type of homemade stuff, like maybe DIY gifts or creams or decorations or something like that.Considering you have been to so many countries and have encountered so many different cultures it would be really interesting for you to tell us about your perspective on christmas traditions and what you do and maye even share a recipe of a christmas or wintery food you have discovered on your travels.
    Frohe Weihnachten noch and I do so hope you will be able to come to England soon again and maybe we can then visit Oxford again.
    Best wishes und geniesse die Adventszeit :*

  2. Marlena
    04/12/2016 / 15:54

    Liebe Lottie,
    Ich liebe es auch Postkarten zu erhalten, egal wann, aber besonders zur Weihnachtszeit 😍
    Sie geben mir immer das Gefühl dass an mich gedacht wird 🙈
    Das ist wirklich eine so tolle Idee für ein Gewinnspiel, weil es nicht um das materielle geht😌
    Ich würde mich freuen, auf deinem Blog mehr über Finnland zu lesen, ich war dieses Jahr in Norwegen und Dänemark und habe mich total in diese Länder verliebt…mich würde interessieren ob man Die skandinavischen Länder wirklich so miteinander vergleichen kann wie es immer heißt oder ob da große Unterschiede sind 🙈
    Außerdem fände ich interessant was deine liebsten Dinge sind, die du in Finnland machst, also quasi insider tipps für einen Trip in deine Heimat(sowohl Sommer als auch Winter)! 🙈💕
    Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit! 😌🎄
    P.S: ich komme zwar aus Deutschland aber ich liebe deine Englischen Blogposts, so ein tolles Englisch 😍🇬🇧

  3. Conny
    03/12/2016 / 21:07

    I love your idea of a Blogmas! Christmas is such a stressful time 🙈 I’d love to know how you manage to calm down in between uni stress and Christmas presents and so on ❤️

    Xxxxx Conny 😘

  4. Friedajosi
    03/12/2016 / 02:22

    Lottie :) das ist eine total schöne Idee!
    Mich würden die verschiedenen Weihnachtstraditionen aus den Ländern in denen du gelebt hast interessieren & welche du übernommen hast, oder eben nicht. Öffnest du die Geschenke am 24. oder 25. Dezember?

    Und Rezepte sind auch immer super :b

    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Adventszeit!

  5. Meri
    02/12/2016 / 19:27

    Lottie❤ I love you for sharing your christmas spirit!
    I’d like to see how you decorate during christmas and tell something about your Finnish christmas traditions. I miss Finland and christmas while being here in the States.

  6. Bernarda
    02/12/2016 / 12:03

    I already told you that I want Traditional Christmas recipes you do at home. And some tradituons around New year 😁

  7. Maja
    02/12/2016 / 00:30

    Oh I’ve always loved getting and writing cards (birthday cards, postcards) and Christmas is such a lovely time to send them! This year I’m making my own cards again as I really enjoy that :)
    Could you recommend some more good books for christmas time?

  8. Ruth
    01/12/2016 / 23:38

    My dearest Lottie, this idea is amazing! A lovely written christmas card has so much more importance than other gifts. Such a creative idea, I would love to get some! I wish you a lovely Christmas time and with your love to the small details I am quite sure you will get a wonderful decorated home! You are so authentic and inspring for me
    Lots of love <3 Ruth

  9. Tereza Zítková
    01/12/2016 / 22:08

    Hi Lottie
    your idea with the christmas cards is amazing! For me these things have much bigger value than material ones. I’d love to read about your christmas memories or traditions. Some christmassy recipes would be great as well. Looking forward to the blogposts already – it’s like an online christmas calendar!
    Lots of love ❤

  10. Sara
    01/12/2016 / 21:52

    Love your moomin mugs! I only have one. My favorite Christmas songs are the ones from Michael Bublé 😍 I would love to see your Christmas decorations! And I would love also exchange Christmas cards with you! 😊 #sharelove Kisses, Sara

  11. 01/12/2016 / 21:42

    Dear Lottie!

    I’m so glad you decided to do #Blogmas! I’m all about the Christmas spirit already so it’s going to be amazing to read your christmassy blogs every day! I hope you’re going share some more healthy Christmas recipes later, I’d love to make them all!

  12. Charlotte
    01/12/2016 / 21:41

    I would love to see some things about the Christmas traditions you’ve picked up from living in such varied places! And of course I’d love to be considered for a card 😉

  13. 01/12/2016 / 21:14

    Oh finde das eine total suesse Idee! Ich wuerde mich mal ueber finnische Weihnachtstraditionen freuen! Wuerde mich total interessieren :)