Book Tips 2016

The last page is closed, the last story swallowed, my head full of thoughts and inspiration. Thank you so much my dear summer books, you were wonderful! Thanks to you I had so many beautiful moments this summer, just me on my own in my own little world. I love this kind of me-time, laying in a sunny park, sitting in a Starbucks at a train station or cuddled into my bed with scented candles. Looking back, I love all the memories associated with the books just as much as the books themselves.

And I’m very excited to be able to reveal my 2016 reading list’s top tips now! I like to call this genre Young Adult books by the way (rather than teenage books), because it’s a bit embarrassing that a twen likes to read teenie books (who else??)…

Beautiful Broken ThingsBeautiful Broken Things – Sara Barnard

Rosie and Caddy are best friends – but then Suzanne moves to Brighton and turns their life around. Shy Caddy is taken by the whirlwind and her very quiet, good-girl life gets a bit different… but can a friendship like that work? The book was nice to read (not only because of the breathtaking cover!) and I really wanted to know how the story ends, but yet it doesn’t make it to my top 3.

The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson

My absolute favourite book this summer! Lennie’s sister died a while ago and now she has to learn to live with it. Is one allowed to live and love, if the sister can’t do all that anymore? Lennie tries to cope with the situation by writing about it and shadding little poems all around the city. You can find those pieces of ripped paper all around the book… and you know how much I love poetry! The book has a wonderful, meaningful story and is written so beautifully that it’s my summer favourite!

All the Bright PlacesAll the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

Finch and Violet get to know each other and the strangest possible situation. They are both planning to jump off their school’s roof. Instead they start working on a school project together and travel around meaningful places in their state. Doing that Violet discovers her passion for life again… but unfortunately I can’t tell you much more as this is one of the very few books that I never finished… It was a bit boring and I changed to a different one (but I have it in my backpack right now, so maybe I can tell you a bit more in a few days!).

Girl Online ReviewGirl Online + Girl Online on Tour – Zoe Sugg

Penny writes a blog, Girl Online. First of all I have to mention how amazing Penny’s style of writing is. So witty and cool, so many stories accompanying her saying and she’s my absolute writing idol now. In the books she learns coping with her panic attacks, falls in love, struggles with finding her passion and career options… and then there are also the very funny moments with her best friend Elliot, who is gay and my favourite character! I know that the book is aimed at 13-17 year olds, but I absolutely loved it, especially Penny’s blogposts. Zoella always manages to knock me off my socks!


I got these books in London, but afterwards I remembered that I had read some other books before already. Mostly crime books by Charlotte Link, which I can never put back down before finishing, even though they have about 500 pages each. This summer I read In the Valley of the Fox and The Watcher.

So, depending on what you are looking for for the upcoming cold but cozy autumn days, the following books would be my recommendations:
Easy to read, funny, will make you smile: Girl Online
Wonderfully written book about life: The Sky is Everywhere
Crime books that you can’t put down before finishing: anything by Charlotte Link

What did you guys read this summer and what are your absolute favourite books? I need inspiration for autumn evenings that I will spend cuddled into my bed with a big mug of tea and scented candles… Also let me know how you liked this book post and if you want to know my all-time favourites as well! I promise they won’t be all teenager books!

P.S.: I completely forgot to mention that one lucky girl can win the Girl Online -books for herself! Just comment your favourite book (I need new ideas!) and why you would want the books and I will chose a lucky winner this Sunday!



  1. Enni
    26/09/2016 / 22:33

    Way too many favourites but Harry Potter’s always a good and cosy one!! Also just read All the light we cannot see and loved it!

  2. Nuppu
    25/09/2016 / 20:58

    Lempparikirja taitaa olla Riikka Pulkkisen Totta 😊

  3. 25/09/2016 / 03:15

    I read about six books this summer! But my favorite was Tiger’s curse and the next book on the saga, Tiger’s quest.
    It’s about a girl who starts working on a circus taking care of a white tiger. The tiger is bought by an Indian business man and she’s asked to take care of the tiger during the trip to India since they have a strong bond. Once in India, she discovers that the tiger is a cursed Indian prince. She embarks on a journey to free him from the curse that has taken his human body away.
    I fell in love with this book since I’m a big fan of Indian culture but the story is compelling and I enjoyed the characters. I have yet to read the next two books of the series!

  4. Iris
    23/09/2016 / 16:17

    Ich kann dir ‘Kinder der Kirschblüte’ von Cardonald Polarkreis empfehlen, ich lese es gerade und bin so verliebt!
    ‘In einer Sommernacht wie dieser’ ist ein Thriller mit Romantik und hat ein atemberaubendes Cover😍 und ‘Confess’ von Colleen Hoover ist mein Alltime-Favourite.

    Ich habe deinen Blog gerade entdeckt und bin so verliebt❤.

    Ich würde mich riesig über die Bücher von Zollamt freuen, da ich ihre Youtube-Videos liebe und bei deiner Begeisterung die Bücher gerne selber lesen würde.

    Schönen Tag dir!

  5. 21/09/2016 / 22:55

    I think I’m going to have to try some of these! I study literature at university, so my reading list is always ‘proper’ literature, and classics. I always struggle to know what modern and new books to read! I love and appreciate recommendations!

    This summer I’ve been (re)reading the books by one of my favourite authors: Sarah Waters. I’ve also read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, and that’s just beautiful.

    I’ve never really read any YA books, but I’d love to try. Being a reader/true book worm is all about reading anything and trying new things!

    Love this post!

  6. Anni
    21/09/2016 / 19:51

    Thank you! I have been waiting for this blogpost. The books by zoella are defintely on my reading List now 😊 My favourite books are the millenium triology and the selection series and I would love to read about your all time favourites😍