After 10 days of junk food

As you might know, I’ve been in Poland with my family for ten days now. And my sister and I have really been celebrating it. We’ve been celebrating it by binge-watching movies, by taking lots of pictures – and by eating lots and lots of yummy food. Unhealthy yummy food. “It’s just the few first days.”, I thought, “I won’t even feel it.”

This morning I woke up so bloated, with a tummy full of air, with heavy legs and super bad skin. Just to check I stepped on the scale (which I usually don’t do, because it can be so misleading – muscles weight so much more than fat!) and the realisation was shocking. I weight two kilos more than when I came here less than two weeks ago. How is that even possible?

The answer is: seven scoops of ice cream, three slices of pizza, one big bar of dairy chocolate, eight pieces of sushi, M&M’s, several days of chilli con carne, “heavy” snacks like bread with honey or uncounted rice cakes with store-brought (!) hummus, cheese, cocoa banana ice cream, sugar-loaded jam, lactose-free yogurt.

This all compared to the oatmeal – fruit – veggies+carbs – salad -diet which I usually live.




And when I live on my own and cook for myself, my diet is mainly plant-based. Veggies, salads, soy yogurt, maybe an egg from time to time but meat really really rarely. I am lactose-intolerant and most probably also allergic to milk protein, why I never have dairy. And now all this, thinking my body could handle it. It couldn’t.

Feeling this bad, really not looking good (my abs are completely covered up!) and being unhappy with myself I decided to do a full stop today and get back to a completely healthy diet. As you know, I believe in balance and never want to restrict myself from any treats, but now I will do it for ten days. Because in ten days my sister and I will be going to Greece and I want to feel good again by then.

I’m starting more drastically and going back to normal with the time. This morning I had a green smoothie bowl for breakfast (usually those aren’t filling enough for me, but today it was the best thing ever) and I’ll continue with the salads and steamed veggies. If my sister and I want to treat ourselves and eat out in the city, we’ll go to my favourite smoothie/salad place. Dairy will be cut out entirely as usually (why did I ever start eating it again?) and so will be wheat (which I’m allergic to as well, oh my poor irritated skin!). I’ll try to eat as veganly (is that a word?) as possible, but that depends on what we have for family dinners.




Anyways – who will join me for a 10 day cleanse and try to get back to a healthy lifestyle? I’ll be updating you here, but also constantly on Snapchat (veryberrylottie) and I want us to motivate each other! So I hope to see you there! We’ll also use the hashtag #gogreenwithlottie on Instagram to share our recipes with each other and I’ll share my favourite pictures on my account!

Oh, and please share your anti-bloating, anti-acne tips below, if you have any!

Lots of love from a very heavy



  1. 15/05/2016 / 19:27

    Such a good mission, should be on it myself too so badly!!!! :O

  2. 13/05/2016 / 15:24

    I’ve also been eating junk food and non-stop for more than ten days, I feel terrible. Not because I won a lot of weight but because my stomach aches, my skin is irritated and greasy and my body feels lazy.
    I’m glad I read this. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. 12/05/2016 / 17:01

    Super Idee – ich weiß genau wie man sich fühlt, wenn man mal ein paar Tage “Schwachsinn” gegessen hat.Umso besser fühlt man sich, wenn man dann wieder gesund weiter macht :)

  4. Jane
    12/05/2016 / 12:33

    Samaistun niin paljon! Mulla oli pääsykokeet reilu viikko sitten ja yhtäkkiä kaikki stressi poistui ja ei ollut mitään suunnitelmia/velvoitteita. Reagoin tähän syömällä todella epäterveellisesti. Sunnuntaina olisi lähtö mallorcalle ja mun iho on ihan kamalassa kunnossa ja paino on noussut. Ja pahinta on tää olo🙈 tuntuu, että näytän ihan kamalalta eikä todellakaan tekisi mieli pukea bikineitä tai kesävaatteita.
    Joten liityn ehdottomasti tähän “haasteeseen”! Mulla on vaan 4 päivää lähtöön, mutta siinäkin ajassa ehtii saamaan ainakin paremman olon :) ja matkalla yritän tietysti syödä mahdollisimman terveellisesti. Palmassa ois ihan mahtavia vegemestoja, mutta matkustan perheen kanssa ja he eivät ole niin innostuneita kasvisruoasta..