Adidas Running Camp

There aren’t many days on which I save my Snapchat-Story. Usually my phone is much too full already and I delete the most recent pictures and videos. But this weekend I saved it. This weekend was full of all the things that I love most: running, healthy vegan food, my fitnessblogger-girls, acro yoga, super intense workouts, new inspiring people, great sports outfits, a super cute hotel, pretty smoothie bowls and my sister. I promise that this story won’t be deleted too soon.


It’s hard to decide what was best about this weekend. I think I enjoyed the workouts most though. We had running and sprint training, HIT workouts and yoga. At the running practise I learned that I have to do strength exercises for my legs and bum before running to activate the muscles. That should help my weaker knees. The HIT workouts were the hardest I’ve done in ages (two different exercises, 8 reps x 30 seconds one after another, no break. The same thing with four different exercises). The yoga session really stretched and opened my muscles. And during the breaks I practised acro yoga with Mady. I bet you’ll now believe me when I say that I can barely walk due to my sore muscles.





But I have to admit that the non-sporty program wasn’t that bad either 😉 – did you see my snaps on the rooftops above Berlin? On Saturday the Adidas team surprised us by driving us to their headquarters, where a beautiful dinner table was waiting for us. And an amazing barbecue! I loved the Asian shrimp- and veggie burgers, yum!

You know what? I have seen so many amazing blogger events on Instagram during my blogging life. But I would have never even dreamed that I would once be invited to one. I was sure I would never be invited to one. Thank you so much Adidas for proving me the opposite!




As you can see (or read) I can barely even put into words how amazing the entire weekend was. We did everything I love and the entire Adidas-team really grew close to me. I think I might even have a new favourite sports brand! Because Adidas isn’t only a brand, but a big family that lives my values and my lifestyle to the fullest. And I can’t wait to see them all again!




  1. Bernarda
    25/06/2016 / 22:14

    I would love to have friend like you😊you really had great time!

    • 25/06/2016 / 20:28

      It was an amazing weekend indeed!