About Me



I am am Lottie, the blogger on this little space! I am Finnish, but I have grown up around the world (read more here) and you can see in the little side widget where on the world I am right now, as I’m always on the run!

I’m excited what we will discover together! This is my interactive diary full of all kinds of topics! I will give you sneak peeks into my solo travels, career and studies, will motivate you with workout tips. I try to live my dreams and I want to encourage you to live yours as well!

My dream goal would be to share my passions with you, to inspire all of you to live a healthy, happy but balanced lifestyle, to motivate you to be active and adventurous! I hope you can become the best you! I’m so happy you’ve found your way here and would absolutely love you to follow my adventures! See you soon!