Ab workout

With this blogpost I’m following one of your biggest wishes – I am revealing the secret of my abs. That’s the most usual question I get, every single time I snap my tummy I get at least five snaps back asking how I train my abs. And I love to tell you more about it! I know that being just 1,55m tall (short), I definitely don’t have the perfect bikini/modelfigure, but I’m proud of what my tummy looks like as I’ve achieved it all by myself.

First I should point out one thing though: you will never get visible abs, if you only follow this workout! Your body fat percentage shouldn’t be too high, because then a little belly would cover your abs up, and cardio training and a healthy diet play the main role here. I myself run about 3-4 km before every strength training and in summer I run even way more. That’s how I make sure that my abs stay visible. Oh and it’s down to your genes as well – but let’s give it try!

Then comes the ab training itself. Before I used to do 25 crunches every night which gave me a good basis. Nowadays I do split training (read more here) during which I train my abs once or twice a week. I might use one or two ab training machines, but apart from that I train without any epquipment on a bench or on the floor. And here come my usual excercises:

Half Crunches at about 45° – 3 x 15


Twisting Crunches with weight – 3 x 15
I use 10kg


Mountain climber (fast) – 3 x 30


Bicycle crunches (fast) – 3 x 30

IMG_9782   IMG_9774

Lifting and lowering of legs (slow)  – 3 x 10

IMG_9771 IMG_9770

Leg cross at 45° (fast) – 3 x 30

IMG_9768 IMG_9769

Toe touch – 3 x 10


My ab workout takes about 20 minutes and I do it – as mentioned – about once or twice a week. When I have some spare time during my other workout days, I might add some ab exercises then too. Apart from that I go running and eat quite healthily, do some burpees from time to time and can now happily wear crop tops in summer! I have to admit that my tummy has really helped my self conciousness during the last years and it feels so good to have a reason to be proud of my body!

P.S.: The outfit I’m wearing is from Engelhorn Sports – at the moment they have a lot of discounts, the capris and the shoes are even at half price now! Just click on the pictures below to get to their shop.

Näyttökuva 2016-03-03 kello 13.39.46     Näyttökuva 2016-03-03 kello 14.15.44    Näyttökuva 2016-03-03 kello 13.40.21



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  2. Johanna
    27/03/2016 / 16:50

    Maailman paras vatsatreeni! Teen tätä jatkuvasti!

  3. 20/03/2016 / 23:36

    Will start this program tomorrow :)

    • 21/03/2016 / 15:25

      Oh great! Let me know how it goes and how you like it!
      xx Lottie :)

  4. Lili
    13/03/2016 / 22:10

    Tää on oineesti niin tehokas!

  5. 10/03/2016 / 23:39

    I love this workout and I do it most of the week days xx

    • 21/03/2016 / 15:31

      You’re such a crazy girl! Well done!

  6. Elliw
    07/03/2016 / 09:28

    Thank you for your tips! X

    • 21/03/2016 / 15:32

      I really hope you like it! Means a lot if you guys do my workout!