A few days to my Half Marathon

Not long to go – five days until my half marathon! Some of you have been asking if it’s my first race. Nope, it’s actually my fourth half marathon. I ran my first at the age of 17, and the last one was last fall and it was actually the theme of one of my first blogposts too!

I’m currently packing for my running weekend in Berlin. I’m sooo excited – I’ve never actually travelled to run and that makes it feel so much more professional! I’ve decided to go with my Nike running shoes (see picture!), which I got last fall and have been quite good on long runs. I feel like they support my feet and knees the best way possible. I’m not quite sure about my oufit yet though, as it will be much warmer than I thought. Seventeen degrees and sunshine – huh! I’m just used to 5 decrees maximum and have no idea what to wear in those conditions. Maybe long tights and a t-shirt? Or shorts and a longshirt? I don’t want to get too hot during the race! Furthermore I got myself a new audiobook to listen to during the run (distraction is the best way to forget exhaustion or pain!), I’ve made sure my headphones work, I still have to charge my sports watch and buy some dextrose to take with me.

IMG_9564 copy

So here comes my checklist for everything I do before a race:

choose, clean and pack my running shoes
choose comfortable socks
wash my running outfit
pack a refillable waterbottle
pack some pre-workout booster (coffee works as well)
protein bar for 30 mins before the run
dextrose for during the run
banana for after the run
bandaids for blisters
sports watch + heart rate belt
phone + charger
warmer jacket for after the run


Mentally and physically

Mentally and physically I’m preparing by taking a look at the route both on a map and in Berlin itself on the weekend, by embracing the knowledge that it will get hard and that I will have to keep pushing myself, because it’s just two hours after all, and by eating well. I am already carb-loading in order to store as much energy as possible. Monday was also my last proper workout day because  I will need all my muscle power on Sunday. And I know I’m always much better, faster and stronger after a few days off! The night before the run I will most probably have something with lots of rice and on the morning before the run I will have my beloved oats and sweeten them with fruit and honey. And I’m one that needs something right before the run as well. Maybe one of my beloved Clif Bars? And I’ll have to remember to drink enough but stop at the latest one hour before the run. I don’t want to have to pee during the race, right?

I think that’s all I will do before my run. Whom will I see in Berlin? Or have you signed up for a different run maybe? There is nothing more motivating than a goal to train for – and I can’t wait for Sunday!

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