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Leipzig SightseeingI’m back – from one of the best weekends this year! This is crazy. I have been to London, Vienna, Antalya, Berlin and many more cities and was expecting Leipzig to be a rather dull, grey, industrial city in very under-developed eastern Germany. But I ended up having a blast!

And that’s a lot thanks to you guys! I was sent to Leipzig as part of Ibis’ #travelhard campagin, which started off by you being able to recommend things to do in Leipzig for me on the Ibis Facebook page.

Here you can see the list which I got upon arrival. You have no idea what some of the things mean? Don’t worry. I didn’t either. But after this crazy busy weekend of fulfilling all your tasks (we managed these 11 out of 14), I can now give you tips on what to do, see and eat in Leipzig! The tasks that we left out were a brunch at the 29th floor of the MDR building which was fully booked, as well as climbing and a museum, which we didn’t have time for.

What to do:

The best two culture experiences in Leipzig were the zoo, which was divided into different cultures and even had an indoor rainforest, and the Disney in Concert. As Leipzig is well known for it’s musicians and concerts, it was lovely to visit one. And the Disney one was perfect for me. The music brought up so many childhood memories and the singers were so incredible that I ended up sitting there, crying to the music from Ariel. If you’re in Leipzig, you should also soak up some of the DDR history, eg. by visiting one of the museums!

What to eat:

On Friday we ate at the Handbrotzeit, a tiny cafe which’s walls were completely plastered with golden foil. I would have never gone there myself, if you hadn’t suggested it – but it was so good! Cross hot bread, soft inside, filled with cheese, meat, mushrooms and other fillings… and a local speciality, which I always love to try when travelling. I also found out what Lerche and Räbchen are: local pastries and baked plums, filled with marzipan and served with vanilla sauce.

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We spent our nights in Leipzig at the Ibis Budget Leipzig City and I can really recommend this hotel to everyone! When I first heard that it only costs 45€/night (55€ for two people) I was a bit nervous about what was expecting me. But the hotel was super modern and clean and had everything one needs for a short city trip. Big bed, shower with shampoo and towels, a desk, very good wifi and a way better breakfast than I would have expected at a 45€-hotel! It also had 24h reception with very kind staff. (On Google the Ibis Budget is ranked 1* – I have no idea why. I would have thought 3***, compared to other places I’ve stayed at!?)

One of the best things about this hotel definitely was the location. A few hundred meters to the railway station, a few hundred meters to the city center, a few kilometers to the zoo… that made our stay even cheaper, as we never needed taxis or even public transport! And the trip from the airport to the hotel only takes about 25 minutes and costs 4,50€ (by S-Bahn). Perfect.

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I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time in Leipzig! It was a beautiful old city with so much to see that I’m surely going back again to also check out the museums which I didn’t have time for. I also loved the fact that someone else had planned my trip for me and everything you had recommended was amazing, real cultural experiences. I would have never visited the Handbrotzeit myself, and it turned out to be my favourite spot. So thank you for that!

And thank you to my mum for being the best travel companion! It was our first trip together, and it went so well that I already started planning the next mum-daughter-trip…


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  1. 09/11/2016 / 02:10

    Das klingt wirklich unglaublich schön und ich habe Leipzig auch gar nicht so vielseitig kennen gelernt. Vielleicht ist es ja wirklich nochmal ein Kurztrip dorthin wert🤔