10 favourite things right now

Board game: Cluedo. I’m absolutely addicted and have been playing it several times every single week for 1,5 month now.

Travel destination: Greece – at least I hope so! My sister and I will be going there in two weeks!

Artist: I’m really into the music from Glee. Might sound cheesy, but they just cover the best sing-along songs, perfect for this summer vibe!

Song: Defying Gravity from Wicked. My sister and I sing this as a duet.

Outfit: my read jumpsuit. Bought last summer, never worn because Finland was so cold. Now I’m wearing it every day even though it’s much too good to be worn at home.

Food: I’m so proud of my aubergine pasta sauce, even if I say so myself.

Restaurant: There’s an Indian restaurant in Wroclaw, which makes the perfect real Indian food. I could die for the chicken tikka masala! It has absolutely replaced my love for Thai food.

Book: Shopaholic to the Rescue! I’m adore the Shopaholic series and have read them 2273439 times, so of course the newest book is my favourite of the month! It’s a bit deeper than the ones before but definitely worth reading as well!

Movie: The Bélier Family. A nice brings-you-a-good-mood kind of movie about a deaf family with a singing daughter.

Object: my new camera. I bought my first own camera – a Canon D70! And my sister and I have been using it so well! Check out her instagram as well (I’m so proud of my photography) (and Lili’s silly captions).
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  1. 12/05/2016 / 18:04

    oooh ich liebe Shopaholic auch, meine absolute Lieblingsromanreihe von der besten Autorin 😍 Danke für den Tipp, dass es die Hörbücher auf Spotify gibt. Das ist die perfekte Unterstützung bei der Uniarbeit am Schreibtisch 😊

  2. 10/05/2016 / 14:46

    Your instagram feed is gorgeous! Such a motivation!

  3. Eszter
    10/05/2016 / 12:05

    Hi Lottie! I like your posts and it’s so obvious that you’re really happy about being with your sister! :) Which place are you going to visit in Greece? I’ve been there 2 times and I loved it, especially the greek cuisine and people. I miss them so much! I hope you’re going to take lots of photos.
    And I have a big question about the aubergine pasta sauce recipe! 😀 I’ve already tried to prepare aubergine many times but it became always bitter. I read that first I should salt the aubergine before cooking it but it never worked :( Do you have a good tip to solve this problem?